For this project we had to be provocative. At first we had to create a sculpture from anything we found around.


Then we had to create a whole final work. I collaborated with kids from 4 to 12th grade at art school. I asked them to show social problems in small clay figures and I kept a secret the final idea of this work. Mainly, It was based on a game of ‘Find Valdo’, where you have to find a certain person among many many others. I attached all created situations to mirrors and exhibited as table mirrors. During an exhibition opening I asked participants to find one certain person in one minute among all these sculpted characters which wasn’t there. With such act I wanted to show everyone how we focus on small fun games and let other problems happen in front of us.
Also, it was a nice experience for me working with kids of different age and for them it was useful to practice picture their ideas in small sculptures.

Teacher for this assignment was Maris Grosbahs from Latvija.

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