Today I want to show you a dish set I created prom porcelain. The main inspiration object was a mushroom because of its various shapes, textures, sizes and because this object is a never-ending inspiration for most of my works. My main goal was to create an innovative design to fulfill couple of different purposes:

  • Texture (small holes on surface) – It helps to keep meals juice in a center and not all over a plate.
  • Hallow inside of plates – there can be a crushed ice to keep certain food cooler for a longer time or a hot water to keep food hot for a longer time.
  • Cork – to keep fluids inside, also it serves as a handle to pick up plates.
  • Both sides have a texture – because of that, both sides can be used to serve food. O side is a little bit more deeper and another – flatter.

Here you can see one plate from up close. Some pieces were slightly colored on the middle part to create more depth but at the end the white ones were better. 20161129_101905-2

Also, I made a few examples with food in these plates.

I was planing to ask any restaurant to let me try them out but haven’t decided yet to which one. Really hope to finish this project in a future.


Thank you for reading!