Hello everyone!

Since there were quite a few people who asked how I’ve made a feather for my Captain Fortune cosplay, today I’ll try to make my very first tutorial!

   Recently I have made a new feather for my hat. On the left is an old one from white yarn and painted with acrylic paint, on the right side is a new one made only from yarn. The new one looks way better and it did not needed acrylics (depends, maybe you want to shade it), I just found a yarn in colors that were fitting.

Lets go to crafting!

You will need:
>Wire (length as long as you want your feather to be + slightly longer for attaching)
>Brush (needed only if you don’t have yarn in the right color and need to paint it; also for white glue)
>Acrylics(needed only if you don’t have yarn in the right color and need to paint it)
>White glue
>Yarn (MUST BE 100% SYNTHETIC! The color you want your feathers to be or white if you are painting them)
>Pet brush
>Hair iron

Step 1:
   Preparing yarn. Make 16~ straps of yarn no longer than 22-24cm because the longer you make hem – more brushes out. Knot them in the middle. Make A LOT  of them!

Step 2:
   Brushing it out. Begin brushing those yarn straps from the very end and hold it tight at the top – the knot part. It might take some times to try out and see how much you can brush and when to stop and leave it be.


Step 3:
   Straightening. Turn on your hair iron and straighten your yarn. It makes it smoother.

Step 4:
   Making the base. Start attaching one by one to each side and use the same yarn to knot it on to the wire.


Step 5:
   After you are done, brush the yarn ends you’ve used to knot single floof pieces.

Step 6:
   Apply white glue on the wire ant knots. The more-the better. It helps to hold them in place and make them stand a little bit.

If you are using the right color of the yarn then congratulations! You are done! Now you can use hairbrush,hairspray and scissors to give it a shape and fluffiness you want.

Step 7:
   But if you couldn’t find the right color and decided to pain it – just paint it with acrylics + water in any color you want. Keep in mind that you might need to cover it a few times because after only one layer and not enough of paint it gets quite a pastel tone. Be sure to cover all the white fibers.
!!After you are finished with painting don’t let it dry fully! You must brush it out when it’s semi-dry because all the fibers will stick together.!!

20160630_132941P.S. I still haven’t finished shaping and brushing it. But you get the idea how it stands!

Thank you for reading! If you have any others tips, ideas and suggestions please feel free to text me.

Hope it was useful!