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My world full of magic


Piece without any function and purpose. Just a technological experiment to place drawing inside of small ball.

Stitch drawing

Give back what I take

Main idea wast to take tree mushrooms and change them into something useful for humans. I made them as a decorative garden pieces or small lamps. Since tree is already infected and taking off the mushrooms won't help it at... Continue Reading →

Sleeping on Laurels

Find …

For this project we had to be provocative. At first we had to create a sculpture from anything we found around. Then we had to create a whole final work. I collaborated with kids from 4 to 12th grade at... Continue Reading →

Dryad Soraka

I am a big fan of League of Legends game. I chose this character because at the time I enjoyed to play support with her and it was fun to make the staff but difficult to walk at convention with... Continue Reading →

Perfect imperfections

I made these porcelain rings and some armbands for porcelain symposium exhibition '16. They were based on fungi and as mushrooms on body are considered as a harmful things, I made these rings based on mushrooms as a pretty accessories.... Continue Reading →

I developed a huge attraction to mushrooms and made a few plaster molds of tree fungi. I try to use these molds to create as many different functional objects as I possibly can and it is a lot of fun.... Continue Reading →

Multifunctional dishes

Hello, Today I want to show you a dish set I created prom porcelain. The main inspiration object was a mushroom because of its various shapes, textures, sizes and because this object is a never-ending inspiration for most of my... Continue Reading →

Small box for candies

   A small box for small candies made for a candy shop at Kaunas Old Town. There were slightly different base bodies made from high temperature clay and some decorated with lusters. The top was from blown glass.

Thermo cups

Good day, The first work I've made with ceramics was a cup. In 1st course we got an assignment to create a shape,  mold and a model for a cup. It was very important that it would have a handle... Continue Reading →

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