JUST Vitkute

My world full of magic


First digital drawing after more than 4 years.


League of Legends tournament trophy



Photos by Ieva Deltuvaitė

''All limitations are self imposed''  

Panty cosplay

   My first quality cosplay outfit. I am looking for a new costume owner HERE!    


My bachelor exhibition. Sculpture made as a trophy for a video game ''League of Legends'' tournament, porcelain figures and inflated plastic installation. Everything is made and exhibited by me - Justina Vitkutė.    

Captain Fortune from League of Legends

All props, accessories and clothes are hand made by me. You can find how to make this huge hat feather in my tutorials!  


A very nice collab with photographers Tomas Mareckas and Vaivography (Vaiva Žernosekovaitė) and me as a Catwoman.

Bachelor degree PORTFOLIO


Piece without any function and purpose. Just a technological experiment to place drawing inside of small ball.

Stitch drawing

Give back what I take

Main idea wast to take tree mushrooms and change them into something useful for humans. I made them as a decorative garden pieces or small lamps. Since tree is already infected and taking off the mushrooms won't help it at... Continue Reading →

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